Let's Meet

Want to Work Together?

Great, let's meet! I can meet with you on a shorter, "Consultation" basis or a more comprehensive "Legal Coaching" basis depending on your needs.  Although I don't formally represent you until we both agree that it's the right way to go and we sign a Legal Services Agreement, our meeting is covered by the terms of my Client Services Agreement, and by meeting with me you agree to those terms.






A Consultation is like what you'd expect of a Consultation with a lawyer... except much more casual and personable.

What: A Consultation with me is ideal when you somewhat know what you want, or just need some quick answers and legal advice.  This is also a great chance for us to learn about each other and see if we can work well together.

Where: We can meet anywhere.  I often meet with people in coffee shops during the afternoons and evenings.  I'm also happy to go to your office. Or, if you prefer, we can meet in my office space if we need more privacy.

How long: About 30 minutes, but I'm not going to set a timer when we start talking

Cost: There is no fee for a Consultation.  

Ready to schedule a Meet and Consult? Great! I look forward to speaking with you.

Sometimes things are a little more serious and you need some good advice about an impending problem or legal threat.  A half hour meeting won't get the answers you need, but you don't want to pay a lawyer on an open-ended hourly basis to get answers.  How about Legal Advice instead?

What: With Legal Advice, you get a full hour of my time to give you advice and recommendations on your legal situation.  I'll need to get some important information from you in advance to make sure your situation is one where I can help and so I can also do some limited research before meeting so that we can get the most out of the time we have in person.  

Where: In this type of situation, it's best to meet somewhere more private than a coffee shop. Your office or mine, perhaps. If neither option works, then we just have to find a location that offers privacy and no interruptions.

How long: A full hour, but I'm not going to set a timer when we start talking

Cost: I charge $175 for Legal Advice, though if you end up hiring me for a project with a fee of $350 or more, I will credit the Legal Advice fee toward the project fee.

Ready to schedule a Legal Advice session? Great! I look forward to speaking with you.