Flat Fee Pricing

Legal costs don't have to be awful and dreaded when the lawyer you're working with is reasonable. Fortunately for you, I'm that guy!

One Size Does Not Fit All...

I am not an advocate of one size fits all, hourly billing legal pricing. You may not be in a position to pay huge fees. More importantly, the work you require may not even warrant a big expense. What if you just want some advice or guidance on a legal problem you want to handle yourself as much as possible?

I'll work with you and your situation to agree on pricing that makes sense.

Flat Fee Billing

I use flat fee billing as much as possible because we both know up front what everything will cost. You don't have to worry about me running up a bill doing nonsense work (I wouldn't do that anyway) and I don't have to worry about breaking the news to you that the work we thought would be $300 is actually $1200. Not fun for anyone involved.

If you want to meet and consult with me, or if you want to get a little more advice than a quick meeting can provide, check out my pricing here.

Otherwise, here are some common transactions...

Full Delaware Incorporation Package - This package consists of the following for the price of $1,095 plus filing costs & registered agent fee (typically $180):

  • Communication and advice on industry standards
  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation 
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements for all founders
  • Bylaws
  • Action by Incorporator
  • Initial Action by the Board
  • IP Assignment Agreements for all founders
  • 83b documents and advisement on use
  • Additional documents as necessary

Website Document Package - Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service (if necessary) - $750

One-Off Documents - NDA, Employment Contracts, Vendor Agreements, Purchase Orders, other similar documents - $350/each

Hourly - if you are having a funding round, need ongoing advice or have an issue that needs time, phone calls, emails, negotiations, etc., then we are looking at $250/hr